Halsall Lloyd Partnership was appointed by Places for People in 2008 to deliver a programme of community focused landscape improvement schemes within housing estates across the northeast and northwest.

HLP has delivered 14 projects under this programme, each involving a series of community consultation and participative design events. These schemes aim to kick start a process of continual improvement, generating momentum in community empowerment, in local decision making, raising expectations and generating a new demand for higher quality open spaces.

With budgets ranging from £50K to £500K the schemes vary in scale and nature but all contribute to the client’s aim to build sustainable communities. All projects involved full landscape services from inception to completion, working closely with local communities to create cleaner, safer, greener environments, helping to strengthen neighbourhood pride and community capacity and generate more convivial places to live. 

Design principles and themes have been:
Community ownership and empowerment
Environmental sustainability
Biodiversity and habitat creation
Natural play
Health and wellbeing
Improved natural surveillance
A legible environment
Public art
Low maintenance / robust design

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