The Edge Hill area of Liverpool has important historic connections including : Edge Hill railway station, terminus of the first passenger railway in the world and the tunnels of Joseph Williamson, ‘the Mole of Edge Hill’.  HLP led a design working group including the City Council, the community, English Heritage and CABE as well as the developer to develop a Masterplan and Design Code.

The strong urban grain of the nieghbourhood formed a framework, within which a new housing neighbourhood was designed to create a safe secure environment with a network of ‘green routes’ and ‘home zone’ principles to reduce traffic speed.

The new housing provides a mix of types and tenures and reinterprets the character of the older properties with a sympathetic pallet of materials including reuse of salvaged terracotta features.

The new housing designed by HLP, incorporates a range of parking solutions and is one of the best selling sites in the north west, transforming the local housing market and raising the economic base.


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