Stockbridge Village is a peripheral estate which demonstrates a range of physical, social and economic issues including high reliance on benefits, and a history of anti-social behaviour, compounding its isolation and poor image.

HLP tackled the challenge of producing a masterplan and community vision by developing a ‘transitional’ philosophy towards sustainable development.  A model for a sustainable community was used to develop a flexible, multi-stranded, joined-up regeneration strategy.

Building on the assets of a strong community and land availability, the plan describes a range of interventions which can be achieved through multi-agency collaboration and community enterprise over a 20 year period.

As a core element of the process of preparing the plan, HLP undertook extensive and in-depth consultation with the community including working with local schools and residents groups.

The centre piece of the consultation strategy was a road-show with exhibitions, models and videos which toured all parts of the neighbourhood.  Outputs from all strands of consultation including web based surveys, provided a strong basis of support for the plan from community and stakeholders.

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