This infill site in Burnley for Calico provides 22 new homes for affordable rent including 2 and 3 bedroom houses and bungalows.  By closing cross streets the sites were realigned to create 2 larger sites orientating the new development to face the main roads increasing active frontage and reinforcing the urban grain.  The new development fits seamlessly into the local context of short terraced houses whilst proving in curtilage parking and good private garden amenity spaces.

The new terraces are constructed in a reconstituted stone to match the existing houses with modern windows and insulation standards.  The new development enhances the local street scene and the setting of a landmark church. Calico have worked with Ringstones, their in-house contractor to maximise training opportunities for local people.  

This partnership approach working with the local authority to champion a holistic approach to community regeneration. HLP have been able to facilitate the collective goals of creating sustainable-cohesive communities, to eliminate fuel poverty and meet the housing need requirements for the neighbourhood.

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