The Picton neighbourhood, while in decline, retains significant heritage assets in the form of St. Dunstan’s Church (Grade II Listed) and the Mulliner Public House.  Although the site has a frontage onto Smithdown Road, a major arterial route into the city, the housing area has an inaccessible, backland feel which has  contributed to its decline.

Our Masterplan  reconnects the split site through a reorientation to the south, establishing a new gently curving avenue link which continues the line of Hartington Road to St. Dunstan’s and then through a spatial progression to a new park at the heart of the scheme.  

This new link creates a connection to the parkland of South Liverpool, changing Picton’s aspect and transforming its housing market opportunity.  A network of streets from the new avenue spine recreate the intimacy of the historic Victorian terraced streets.

A Design Code establishes a robust framework for this hierarchy and establishes a landscape strategy which enhances the setting and function of the neighbourhood’s heritage assets.

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