The Eldonian Village is an internationally recognised model of successful, community-based urban regeneration.

In 1982 we began working with the Eldonian community, which was at that time living in a blighted inner-city environment characterised by high levels of unemployment and deprivation.  The approach was holistic from the outset, developing the concept of a ‘self-regenerating community’, through a philosophy rooted in community empowerment.

Community facilities include a village hall, sports complex and community offices.

The practice pioneered innovative approaches to design participation, involving all members of the community, and designed the village through a process which developed a very strong sense of community ownership.  The design creates a highly successful, convivial housing environment, conducive to community life with inherent safety and security.  The success of the scheme has been the catalyst for wider neighbourhood revitalisation and has influenced ideas and policy agendas on regeneration, nationally and internationally.

Although designed some time ago, the project demonstrates the principles of community sustainability through success in action.

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