Beaconsfield Street is part of the 4 Streets regeneration project.  This street sits on the edge of the historic neighbourhood and a large number of the properties had been derelict for over 15 years.  This allowed a large scale refurbishment project because only a few of the properties were in ‘private ownership’.

HLP used the concept of the ‘21st Century Parlour House’ to create a new house type for the area.

There was also the opportunity to introduce some new-build houses to the terrace, as a double fronted property at the end of the row was structurally unsound and required demolition.  The poor condition of the properties meant that most of the outriggers had to be demolished. In these designs a full width single storey extension created a kitchen dining room with a sloping ceiling and roof lights, with French doors that led out on to a good sized garden and patio.  This idea brings natural light into the heart of the plan and gives a beautiful modern family room.

The front elevations were stripped of paint and the single storey bay window taken back to the original sandstone.  The properties were insulated internally on the front elevation to maintain the heritage character of the façade and the front boundary was reinstated with a simple railing and plinth.

A variety of house types was created by using the attic storey in some properties to provide extra bedrooms.  The new build ‘replicas’ are small 2 bedroom houses.  Within the Granby 4 Streets, HLP have taken the mono-culture of a single house type and redesigned to create properties of different sizes and layouts.  This gives a greater diversity to the housing offer and assists the development of a sustainable neighbourhood.

Beaconsfield Street contributes to the revitalization of the Granby 4 Streets and to success as a Turner Prize winner.

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