One of the largest projects in the ‘Green Spaces for People’ programme, a nationwide Big Lottery funded environmental programme.  Beacon Lane Playing Fields in Cramlington, Northumberland, was identified as a site with significant potential for improvement, with a focus on new facilities for sport, fitness and play.

HLP, in partnership with Places for People, local residents, and Northumberland County Council , delivered a comprehensive process of stakeholder and community consultation, including questionnaires, design workshops, public exhibitions, events at local schools, and youth targeted workshops and events, developing a clear consensus for the scope of works. HLP also supported Places for People with a successful funding application securing an additional £50K towards ‘natural play’.

The Childrens’ play area integrates the best modern play equipment available with naturalistic landscape design, the play area provides inclusive play opportunities ranging from high adrenaline challenging physical activity, to quiet imaginative and sensory play.  The design creates a stimulating and naturalistic environment for children to play, interact, and learn, in line with current Play England guidelines.

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