Four high-rise blocks have been remodelled to provide an aspirational contemporary living environment.  The potential of the canal-side environment was being developed through contextualising the blocks into a park-like setting and opening up new aspects towards the Bridgewater Canal.

The 60s designed blocks were redesigned inside and out.  The overcladding has been designed to provide a dynamic modern image, transforming an important location as well as upgrading the energy performance of the blocks.

The proposals were developed through design participation with the community to incorporate features such as open plan and ‘sunspace’ to each apartment.

A ‘community hub’ integrates the design of the ground floors of the blocks into the landscape, promoting ease of movement and access between the blocks.  Ground floor patios extend the living environment, enhancing privacy and security.

Existing balconies are enclosed to provide a ‘sunspace’ for each apartment.  Vertical glass towers at each corner, formed from the former open balconies, contribute to the new modern image and generate a ‘nightscape’.  Solar thermal arrays at roof level convey the environmental credentials of the scheme as well as creating a dynamic skyline and reducing heating costs for residents.

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