Location: Chorley


In 2009 Halsall Lloyd Partnership were successful in a winning a national RIBA design competition to create sustainable, community focused landscape improvements to this housing estate in Chorley.

The project has delivered a series of layered enhancements throughout the estate to create an overall lift in environmental quality, whilst also providing more focused, intensive improvements to key open spaces.

An accelerated programme of tree thinning and management has created sunnier, more convivial spaces and a more favorable environment for subsequent soft landscape improvements. This has enabled rationalisation of the soft landscaping throughout the estate to reduce maintenance demands whilst dramatically improving the estate’s image, seasonal interest, colour, and biodiversity.

Two existing village ponds have been transformed with innovative restoration techniques, turning polluted eyesores into a source of genuine neighborhood pride, with well integrated open spaces and rich ecological planting and habitat creation.

Redundant and neglected former play areas have been replaced with ‘playable spaces’ using robust, low maintenance materials and ‘natural play’ principles to create stimulating, playful environments without the management costs of traditional play areas. 

Local artists have worked with the design team and local residents to develop a series of unique and eye catching sculpture and bespoke furniture, adding to local distinctiveness and fostering the sense of community ownership. 

Design principles include:
Community ownership and empowerment
Health and wellbeing
Low maintenance / robust design
Improved natural surveillance 
Environmental sustainability
Biodiversity and habitat creation
A legible environment

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