The Anfield Village and Rockfield Road neighbourhood have become severely run down including a significant number of properties becoming boarded up or semi-derelict.  The external environment is also poor although improvements have been successfully implemented in the Rockfield Road area with street trees and improved paving.  Together with property improvements carried out by Your Housing Group the area is now improving as confidence returns through the YHG and Liverpool City Council investment.

The housing neighbourhood was completely lacking in open space or a green environment although the refurbished historic Stanley is very close.  There are problems with car parking, refuse collection and the impact of L.F.C match day pedestrian movements.

HLP worked with YHG and LCC to develop an environmental masterplan for Anfield Village which would underpin the housing regeneration. HLP developed a environmental masterplan which addressed the issues by creating a new system for centralised recycling, created tree-lined avenues, landmark gateways and a centrepiece new ‘square’ at the heart of the area.

The derelict sites at the end of each cross street of terraced houses will be used to create space for the recycling areas and wider pavements, which will become the tree lined avenues.  The end properties will also benefit from new private side gardens with in-curtilage parking which will be landscaped to create new amenity spaces.

The area at the intersection of Blessington and Walton Breck Road will become a new gateway to Anfield Village.  The new triangular urban park will connect to the tree lived avenues and give much needed breathing space to the terraced streets.  The Anfield Village environmental masterplan will transform the area, greening the streets, improving amenity and underpinning the regeneration of the housing offer whilst maintaining the character and community.

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