Anfield and Breckfield have a high profile connection with Liverpool Football Club but the neighbourhood has suffered from long term decline and now requires a major stimulus to promote transformational regeneration.  

The Masterplan responds to the local issues through the creation of a hierarchy of Boulevards, Avenues and Streets which will provide a robust framework for redevelopment.  Our proposals increase permeability and legibility and impose a new scale, appropriate to the neighbourhood’s importance as a much visited part of the city.

A clear landscape structure underpins the plan and links the new residential neighbourhood through a network of green spaces and parks.  The plan also enhances the setting of key heritage buildings which are to remain.

The proposals for the redevelopment of LFC are integrated into the Masterplan and the impacts of match day traffic and pedestrian movement have been tackled through a well considered movement strategy within the Masterplan.

The Anfield and Breckfield Masterplan and Design Code were developed in consultation with the community and stakeholders and have been approved by L.C.C.

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