HLP transforms the quality of city neighbourhoods, towns and villages through visionary masterplan.  The practice’s approach is firmly based in community engagement and consultation; stimulating regeneration through a sensitive analysis of place and character, understanding the aspirations of residents and promoting the development of sustainable communities.

Tackling problematic neighbourhoods and estates, the practice engages with communities to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues and creates viable solutions through a multi-stranded approach.  Comprehensive regeneration revitalises bleak environments into successful neighbourhoods.

HLP carry out masterplans, tackling both urban renewal and the rural fringe.  Boldly visionary, as well as robust and deliverable masterplans have guided and coordinated the development process.  Community and stakeholder engagement is fundamental to HLP’s approach and to the ‘ownership’ of masterplans by the community:

•    Urban renewal, plans and strategies
•    Rural fringe, urban extensions, edge of settlement masterplanning
•    Communication and consultation strategies
•    Planning applications and appeals
•    Strategic planning documents
•    Neighbourhood Development Plans.

Liverpool Office
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